November 27: “Sunday to Sunday”- An Update

With Thanksgiving just completed and Christmas ahead, the holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to share the good news.

On November 6th, I received a letter from the IRS that formally approved “Sunday to Sunday Productions” as 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization.

So thanks – because of your help or guidance, in a way, you’re a “co-producer.” And we’re ready to produce a television series “Sunday to Sunday,” which explores the “art, craft and spirituality of preaching.”

This idea about a preaching program came to me decades ago, when I had the chance of meeting the legendary public relations executive Jack Trout.

At the time he told me that if the Catholic Church were ever to resolve some of its communication problems, it would have to begin with better homilies at Church on Sundays.

So many years later, on April 12th of this year, I brought my idea for a webcast or television series on preaching to the attention of the editors of a major Catholic magazine in New York City. It was a very productive conversation.

That’s when “Sunday to Sunday” took flight in my mind, as a webcast that could be adopted for an online magazine.

Drawing on the resources of Saint Mary’s College and my faculty colleague Ed Tywoniak, by late May, I was working with Carlos Torres and Jake Slonecker, my videographers.

And by relying on my friends, John Kasper, Bob Sheeran and Donal Godfrey, they became my first set of “gifted preachers.” These first three episodes act as “pilot programs” for a projected series. Take a look at the three programs:






Soon, it became clear that we would need any number of items, including legal assistance for incorporation, a board with an organizational and business plan, production and marketing expertise, as well as the tax-exemption as a non-profit.

Most of all, the idea gained the financial support of amazing friends who provided the start-up money so essential in bringing the program to this stage.

During December, I will be contacting additional donors to ask for support for a series of programs.

In the past three years, I have authored the “Francisfactor.com” website where you can find my writing, sermons and these video programs.

At the moment we are constructing a dedicated website at https://www.sundaytosunday.net where the episodes will be housed, with program transcripts, and study guides for reflection and further study.

We’re at the program’s creation where issues and problems continue to face us, including how to grow the audience, how to best distribute the program in the most cost-effective manner.

In this regard, I tell all those that I speak with – this “Sunday to Sunday” preaching project is a lot like climbing Mount Everest, and we’re only at Base Camp #1.

There’s plenty more to climb! Thanks for your support.

And please stay tuned for further information on “Sunday to Sunday.”

Warm regards,

Father Mike Russo

925-586-1219 (cell)





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