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“Sunday to Sunday,” September 2018 Update

The Pew Research Center recently published a survey about the declining numbers of Americans attending religious services — where there was a noteworthy finding.

Of those Catholics who go to Mass regularly only 36% say the homily or sermon they hear is valuable enough to keep them coming back.

Recently I attended a national conference on preaching – with Bishop Robert Barron and conducted by “Word on Fire” productions. The 300 or more priest participants – demonstrated the interest and greater commitment to preaching in Catholic worship.

Gifted preachers provide case studies for careful study and become the focus for “Sunday to Sunday.”

Father Bill Nadeau is a gifted preacher and the pastor of Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Incline Village. In August we visited him and had the opportunity to listen to his inspired Sunday homily. His Sunday Masses were filled to the rafters.

Here’s a brief preview of our forthcoming episode:


Of his years as a prison chaplain, he tells us: “the most challenging part of my ministry was getting inmates to believe in their self-worth and God’s love.”

This summer Father Bill published a book of his homilies, “Reflections from Father Bill, A Finely Tuned Balancing Act.”

In the next few weeks, he will journey along the famed Camino de Santiago in Spain. “Buon Camino, padre Bill!”

A final point: this has been a most troubling time for the Church — with the news about the resignation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the Grand Jury report on sexual abuse in dioceses in Pennsylvania, the rancorous divisions from within the ranks of bishops, and most of all, the pain and suffering that has been caused to youth, and the survivors of abuse.

Sadly the moral voice of the gospel has been compromised.

Prayers are in order to make “Sunday to Sunday,” a more secure, safe and honest way to celebrate God’s living word!

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