Sunday to Sunday

Christmas & New Years Greetings!

Christmas & New Years Greetings!

On Christmas, our preaching journey takes us to the Rosary Chapel on the campus of the Santa Catalina School in Monterey, CA.

As we enter the church a quote above the doors reads: “Lift our heart’s desire to the love of heavenly treasures.”

Inside we see the annual Candlelight Mass, and hear the choir under the direction of Mark Purcell.

The music video (above) is one of thousands of elements that enhance the production of “Sunday to Sunday.”

Our video team headed by Carlos Torres & Jake Slonecker of Cut Focus, LLC produced this short video to celebrate the festive season.

Our Sunday to Sunday programs are on the website and shortly we will post three additional episodes with transcripts & study guides.

To see our programs, go to our website:  Sunday to

Our goal is to create a video treasury and textbook of excellent preaching for priests, deacons, laywomen, youth-ministers in adult education, seminary and university education.  This work is the result of your kind help — thanks for your support!

Christmas Greetings & blessings for the New Year!

Father Mike Russo

If you wish to contribute, please go to Sunday to where we have more information on how to donate — either by check or through PayPal. Click to Go to PayPal

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