Week One

Pope Francis & Leadership

Monday, July 4 — Introductions

  1. Welcome & “Getting to know you.”
  2. Syllabus overview  — Goals & Methods.
  3. Let’s define terms — What do we mean by: “religion,” “media,”&”culture?”
  4. Let’s take a test — “Pew Center Quiz on Religion.” And review your responses.
  5. Let’s talk about leadership today? What are the criteria for an “effective leader?” Do these criteria apply to a pope? Are there specific criteria for religious leaders? Pope Francis’s 2015 “pastoral visit” to the United States.
  6. Saint Francis of Assisi and the case for “spiritual leadership.” Let’s watch Roberto Rossellini’s “The Flowers of Saint Francis” (1950 – 87 minutes).

Wednesday, July 6 — Leadership & Communication Competence

  1. Conversation about Rossellini’s “The Flowers of Saint Francis.”
  2. “American Grace” — How Religion Unites and Divides Us,” Analysis of Robert Putnam and David Campbell.
  3. Post WWII European Context — Read Greg Tobin, “The Good Pope,” 1-97.
  4. Pope Francis and “adaptive leadership.” Read Pope Francis, “Joy of the Gospel,” Chapters 1&2, pages 1-56. Read Mike Russo “Parish Priest of the World.”https://francisfactor.com/pope-usa/catholic-challenges-in-america/
  5. What values should we expect church leaders to aspire to? How do we assess “communication competence?” http://shorensteincenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/r05_russo-LR.pdf
  6. Intersection of Religion & News Media: Boston Priest Sex Abuse Crisis. View Tom McCarthy’s “Spotlight.“(2015, 2 Hrs.9 Mins.)



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