Sunday to Sunday Nov. 2018 Update

In mid-October, my Cut Focus video crew and I traveled to Saint Dominic’s Church in San Francisco and onto Saint James Church in Petaluma where we attended a parish retreat conducted by Sister Patricia Bruno, O.P., and Father Jude Siciliano, O.P.

As nationally recognized preachers, they comprise the Dominican Preaching Team” and have a direct hand in developing the next generation of gospel witnesses.

Take a look at the brief preview.

A San Francisco native, Sister Patricia is a San Rafael Dominican whose ministry extends to preaching education, and retreats for parishes and groups around the country. Social justice projects have been of primary concern for her; and so our camera followed her to a Dominican Sisters initiative for affordable housing in San Francisco, the site of the former Saint Rose’s Academy.


Father Jude is a Dominican priest, based in Irving, Texas. If you listen to his gifted preaching, one thing is very clear, his accent is pure Brooklyn! He writes a very popular scriptural website entitled “Preacher Exchange.” Click to Go to: Preacher Exchange

For fourteen years he taught at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. He writes: “Everything that I do is rooted in the charism of the Dominican Order’s preaching and concern for the poor.”
In this forthcoming episode, Father Jude and Sister Patricia address some of the challenges faced by preachers today.

The aim of “Sunday to Sunday” is to highlight the accomplishments of outstanding preachers.
Gifted preachers like Sister Patricia and Father Jude provide case studies for “Sunday to Sunday,” and will be most helpful in seminary, university and adult education for the next generation of “witnesses to the gospel.”
Thanks for your encouragement and generous support! We are close to completing the final editing of five new episodes with transcripts and study guides.
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